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We like to take the time to ensure that you receive the utmost in care and service. We have a caring and talented staff ready to help you. Below will give you an understanding of what to expect when you come in to have your hearing tested.

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Free Hearing Test and Consultation

Confidential Hearing Evaluation profile
The test begins with a thorough case history, which provides our hearing healthcare professionals with specific health information that may offer insight into hearing loss causes and will assist them in determining which tests should be performed.

Full Audiometric Exam
A comprehensive hearing test is the first step in determining if you do in fact have a hearing loss. The hearing test results also allow our hearing professionals to recommend the best treatment if you do in fact have hearing loss.

This includes:
– Air Conduction Test
-Bone Conduction Test
– Speech Test

Following the tests, our hearing healthcare professionals will discuss the results with you and may provide further recommendations, including treatment options, like hearing aids. During this time we explore all affordable options and benefits to ensure you receive the best available solution for your hearing needs.

We Offer Affordable Hearing Aids From The Top Hearing Aid Brands

There are many styles of hearing aids, along with various designs and color options. Each hearing aid is designed and fitted to each person’s hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Styles Hearing Aid Brands
Hearing Aid Styles
Pro-Care Hearing is a Tinnitus Care Provider located in Plattsburgh, Malone and Saranac Lake NY.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Research shows that more than 50% of people affected by tinnitus also have an inner ear hearing impairment. There may be a correlation between tinnitus and hearing loss. Treatment with hearing aids is often the first step to relief from tinnitus.

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Plattsburgh Malone Saranac Lake
Pro-Care Hearing Received the 2019 Press-Republican Readers Choice Awards.
Pro-Care Hearing Received the 2018 Press-Republican Readers Choice Award.
Pro-Care Hearing Received the 2016 Press-Republican Readers Choice Awards.