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At Pro-Care Hearing, Current & Retired NYSHIP INSURANCE MEMBERS & BCBS FEDERAL MEMBERS receive new hearing aids at no cost every 36-48 months. Call us today to verify your eligibility!

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Plattsburgh Malone Saranac Lake

Our centers provide comprehensive hearing care services including complete hearing evaluations, hearing loss rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment. Our goal is to improve the lives of people with hearing loss through better hearing and quality hearing care services. With over 30 years experience fitting digital hearing aids, we are the area’s premier hearing aid practice dedicated to helping you hear better!

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All of our hearing aids come with a LIFETIME SERVICE commitment

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What Hearing Aid is right for you?

A hearing aid is not a one size fits all device. The style and manufacturer of your hearing aid(s) depends on your hearing loss and your specific needs.

Hearing Aid Styles Hearing Aid Brands
Hearing aid type/style: Invisible In The Canal
Hearing aid type/style: Receiver In The Canal
Hearing aid type/style: In-The-Ear
Hearing aid type/style: Behind The Ear
Hearing aid type/style: In The Canal
Pro-Care Hearing is a Tinnitus Care Provider located in Plattsburgh, Malone and Saranac Lake NY.


According to the American Tinnitus Association, tinnitus impacts up to 50 million people in the United States. Approximately 25% of the population of industrialized countries have experienced tinnitus at least once, 10 to 20% suffer chronically.

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I just want to say Procare has always been so caring and protects my hearing more than I ever imagined. Many years ago when Mark and LeeAnne were in their office near the hospital, they took such good care of my hearing needs. The sound device was a lifesaver in the classroom and at meetings. Jeff has been a great advocate for hearing issues, gently helping me through using my hearing aid properly. Then there is Emily, always working hard to find an appointment for my issues. They are warm, caring and welcoming. What a jewel in the north country! Thank you,

Jackie Sabourin

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We are very happy with our hearing aids – hearing much better. Of course for Terry getting the wax out really helped. Your new hearing specialist did a great job for two old people.

Mona & Terry A.

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My experience at Plattsburgh Pro-Care Hearing was excellent. Testing was comfortable and productive.Re-set was a good improvement. I needed to return for an adjustment of volume but that was also accomplished. Office and Audiologist were friendly and efficient.

Joyce K.

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I could not have been treated any nicer. I started with Pro-Care Hearing when Jeff’s father Mark started the company. He taught his son Jeff very well. He is as nice as his dad was. I will always buy my hearing aids at Pro-Care. I could not be treated any better at any other company. I was going in for my dialysis treatment and one of my hearing aids stopped working. I called Jeff and he was right there to help me no questions asked. I wouldn’t dream of going any where else.

Nettie R.

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I tell all my friends to go to Pro-Care. There they will be very satisfied. No I didn’t feel pressured. Yes I was treated with respect & compassion. All of the above & more. Before I got my hearing aids I couldn’t even hear my car running. Jeff & his staff are the best. Before I went to Pro-Care I went to have my ears checked at other places. I was told nothing was wrong with my hearing. When I told them I had to read lips they told me that I wasn’t trying. Then I went to Pro-Care and they didn’t tell me that. They told me I had a problem. I didn’t even tell them what ear I was having trouble with the most. Jeff told me and he was right. He didn’t tell me what all the other places did.

Jean G.

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I went in for a free hearing screening. From the moment I arrived I felt very welcomed and relaxed. Jeffery put me through a quick exam and noticed a wax build up. After removing the wax, he put me through a series of tests. Once completed, he informed me that my hearing fell into range for my age. He scheduled a follow-up exam to make sure everything remained well. I went to Pro-Care because I had difficulty hearing…. As I left Pro-Care, I could hear birds chirping and many other sounds that I did not hear prior to my arrival. I strongly suggest that you contact Pro-Care if you are having trouble hearing. You will be happy you did! Thank you Pro-Care!

Gary P. / Plattsburgh, NY

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I’m very satisfied with the testing at Pro-Care Hearing, they did not pressure me at all. I am very pleased with Erica at the front desk. I got my hearing aids fast and they fit perfect! Jeffrey did a wonderful job on my hearing aids, I hear very well. I’m glad I stopped at Pro-Care Hearing, they are the best by far. Thank you Pro-Care Hearing.

Roberta / West Chazy, NY

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