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I just want to say Procare has always been so caring and protects my hearing more than I ever imagined. Many years ago when Mark and LeeAnne were in their office near the hospital, they took such good care of my hearing needs. The sound device was a lifesaver in the classroom and at meetings. Jeff has been a great advocate for hearing issues, gently helping me through using my hearing aid properly. Then there is Emily, always working hard to find an appointment for my issues. They are warm, caring and welcoming. What a jewel in the north country! Thank you,

Jackie Sabourin

We are very happy with our hearing aids – hearing much better. Of course for Terry getting the wax out really helped. Your new hearing specialist did a great job for two old people.

Mona & Terry A.

My experience at Plattsburgh Pro-Care Hearing was excellent. Testing was comfortable and productive.Re-set was a good improvement. I needed to return for an adjustment of volume but that was also accomplished. Office and Audiologist were friendly and efficient.

Joyce K.

I tell all my friends to go to Pro-Care. There they will be very satisfied. No I didn’t feel pressured. Yes I was treated with respect & compassion. All of the above & more. Before I got my hearing aids I couldn’t even hear my car running. Jeff & his staff are the best. Before I went to Pro-Care I went to have my ears checked at other places. I was told nothing was wrong with my hearing. When I told them I had to read lips they told me that I wasn’t trying. Then I went to Pro-Care and they didn’t tell me that. They told me I had a problem. I didn’t even tell them what ear I was having trouble with the most. Jeff told me and he was right. He didn’t tell me what all the other places did.

Jean G.

I could not have been treated any nicer. I started with Pro-Care Hearing when Jeff’s father Mark started the company. He taught his son Jeff very well. He is as nice as his dad was. I will always buy my hearing aids at Pro-Care. I could not be treated any better at any other company. I was going in for my dialysis treatment and one of my hearing aids stopped working. I called Jeff and he was right there to help me no questions asked. I wouldn’t dream of going any where else.

Nettie R.

Pro-Care Hearing exceeded my expectations in every way concerning my hearing loss. The hearing test was very thorough. They went over in detail with me the amount of hearing loss I suffered in each ear, the type of hearing aid that would best suit me and what to expect after they were in place. Each process was explained in detail and I was given every opportunity to ask questions. I was treated with respect and compassion, and most importantly I was not pressured at any time. I am amazed the newspaper makes sounds I have not heard for sometime. Ordinary conversation is unbelievable! I never realized what I was missing! I would strongly recommend if you even suspect you have a hearing problem to contact them. You will not be disappointed!

Lila / Brasher Falls, NY

I never felt pressured during the several visits I had to Pro-Care Hearing. Coby gave me tests to show how easily my hearing could be improved by a single hearing aid. It was apparent that Coby was very knowledgeable and well versed about his chosen profession. He was able to answer every question I asked and provided meaningful information. I have had my new hearing aids for about a week. I am amazed how much my hearing has improved. Instead of hearing partial sentences, I now can understand every word which is spoken. The television is no longer too loud for my wife, and we are able to hear the television shows without having the volume too high. I am comfortable being out in public and conversing with friends, as I am able to hear clearly all the words they are saying. My grandsons do not need to repeat what they originally said because I can understand what they are saying to the first time I hear them. I especially love hearing them say, “I love you Papa.”

David / Nicholville, NY

Coby was very professional. He explained everything very well and answered all of my questions. He was kind and patient and I would highly recommend him to my friends and relatives.

Mary / Plattsburgh, NY

I have been with Pro-Care Hearing for over 4 years. Coby has been instrumental in helping me regain my hearing loss through the use of hearing aids. Coby has worked with me to be sure I have the best quality of hearing and the best device for my needs. I cannot thank Pro-Care Hearing, in particular Coby, enough for giving me the opportunity to hear again!

Faith / Brasher Falls, NY

I had a set of hearing aids for approximately 4 years and it was time for a new set. My hearing was tested and deemed was time for a new set. My Thanks to Jeff and Kailey for all their help for the purchase and adjustments needed. They were excellent in all aspects in testing and insurance purchase. I can hear so much better. Thank you again, Jeff and Kailey.

Gary / Champlain, NY

It’s amazing!! When I put my hearing aid in and went out to my car, I could hear my car running and the signal light blinking. I had to tell my family to turn down the T.V. I could not believe all the things I missed out on. Pro-Care Hearing staff and Jeffery Lawrence were great! I would highly recommend them to everybody. They have changed my whole life with hearing, Amazing place!!!

Bonnie / West Chazy, NY

I was very satisfied with Jeff and the services at Pro-Care Hearing. I was treated kindly, with a lot of compassion and genuine caring. Even when I had follow up questions, I was quickly accommodated. I really like, respect and trust Jeff. I can now hear birds, whispers, voices in groups more clearly, and I can turn the volume down on the t.v. a lot! I would recommend Pro-Care Hearing to anyone and I already have told several people about them!

Sr. M. Stephanie Frenette, / Plattsburgh, NY

I am so pleased and satisfied with the quality of my testing and the respect that Mr. Brothers showed to me. I am so glad I chose Pro-Care Hearing for my choice of care. I recommend them to all of my friends. I now am able to hear my grandchildren but strangest thing of all, I can now hear my car purr! Thank you!

Patricia / Malone, NY

I went in for a free hearing screening. From the moment I arrived I felt very welcomed and relaxed. Jeffery put me through a quick exam and noticed a wax build up. After removing the wax, he put me through a series of tests. Once completed, he informed me that my hearing fell into range for my age. He scheduled a follow-up exam to make sure everything remained well. I went to Pro-Care because I had difficulty hearing…. As I left Pro-Care, I could hear birds chirping and many other sounds that I did not hear prior to my arrival. I strongly suggest that you contact Pro-Care if you are having trouble hearing. You will be happy you did! Thank you Pro-Care!

Gary P. / Plattsburgh, NY

I am more than satisfied with the quality of care and testing administrated by Coby Brothers, in the Malone office. I have never felt pressured by any member at Pro-Care and found that they care about what works best for the patient to obtain the best hearing possible. Coby has worked with me and scheduled several appointments to check and recheck that I am satisfied with my hearing aids and that I am hearing at a level I am comfortable and satisfied with. I no longer miss conversations, no longer turn the T.V. volume up to high, and I feel like a normal person again. I highly recommend Pro-Care Hearing! They know how to give quality care and are extremely knowledgeable and professional! Thank you Coby!

Bernadette / Chateaugay, NY

I can say, I’ve been missing a lot in life with friends and neighbors by not hearing conversations, now I can feel confident in myself when talking to others. Coby and his wife make you feel your important, not a number. The testing was satisfactory and answered all my questions. He let you choose the kind of hearing aid best fit for you. I would recommend Coby to any and everyone who has a hearing problem. He is excellent in his job and cares about your hearing. Thank you.

Gordon J. & wife / Saint Regis Falls, NY

Being a music teacher, my hearing has always been a priority to me. When my family kept pointing out how many times they to repeat themselves, I knew it was time to re-check my hearing. I was so completely impressed with the education, patience and thoroughness of my exam. Everything through the entire process was explained with compassion and detail. I was treated with respect and kindness and now I can hear clearly :-). Thank you for being so professional and friendly.

Mindy P. / Malone, NY

The atmosphere was very comfortable. Coby and his wife (secretary) were very pleasant. Coby was friendly and very thorough in examining my hearing (ears) allowing me to see what he was doing in the tests and explaining all of it in a way I understood. I left confident in his professionalism!

Sandie L. / Malone, NY

I’m very satisfied with the testing at Pro-Care Hearing, they did not pressure me at all. I am very pleased with Erica at the front desk. I got my hearing aids fast and they fit perfect! Jeffrey did a wonderful job on my hearing aids, I hear very well. I’m glad I stopped at Pro-Care Hearing, they are the best by far. Thank you Pro-Care Hearing.

Roberta / West Chazy, NY


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